Creative Leadership and Strategy


David Stainton is the Founder and CEO of Henry's World Media, Inc., creating smart, high quality family entertainment for all media. Current projects include a broadband television channel for a major family brand, a family movie slate for independent financing, and an internet series based on Graham Roumieu's acclaimed illustrated book, "In Me Own Words: The Autobiography of Bigfoot".

Before founding Henry's World Media in 2006, David was President of each of the animation divisions at Disney, including Walt Disney Feature Animation. In these roles, he attained unparalleled experience as a global leader in creating, developing, and producing family entertainment. His theatrically released movies alone earned over $800 million at the box office worldwide. Under his leadership, the Disney Video Premieres business flourished with revenues of over $1.7 billon. In all, David oversaw the release of 11 feature films, four animated shorts, 22 video premieres, and 12 animated TV series -- generating nearly $3.5 billion in worldwide revenues.

At Feature Animation, David transformed the division financially, creatively, and technologically. During his tenure, he cut overhead, production costs, and operating losses in half. At the same time, he revived the culture of creative excellence at the studio with a new line-up of films. Finally, his leadership drove the historic transition from hand-drawn to computer-generated animation at Feature Animation and his other divisions, bringing animation at Disney fully into the digital era.

The first fruit of David's turnaround of the division was the success of "Chicken Little", released in November of 2005. It was named one of Time Magazine's "Top Ten Movies of the Year" and went on to bring in $319 million at the box office worldwide. It remains Feature Animation's biggest hit since 2000.

Other positions held by David during his 17 year tenure at the Walt Disney Company include overseeing Feature Animation's 150 person production facility in Paris, and heading up creative development at Feature Animation from 1993-1997.

David is an Honors graduate of the Harvard Business School and Cum Laude graduate of Princeton.


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